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Ramsgate Tunnels is a mix of two tunnels. A Victorian railway tunnel built in 1863 by the Kent Coast Railway to serve Ramsgate Harbour Station, and a 1939 wartime Air Raid Precaution shelter roughly 3 miles long capable of holding up to 65,000 people.

The ARP Tunnel was in the shape of a horseshoe under the town with 12 entrances throughout the town. It opened in 1939 it saved the lives of countless people who sheltered from the bombing and shelling of the town during World War 2. Over 1,000 people made the tunnels their home for years, and the children who lived down there, known as ‘The Tunnel Rats’, even had their lessons underground.

As well as the fun of wearing a hard hat children love the stories of the wartime conditions people had to make do with as our guides take them on a tour of the underground world, some of which is lit only by torches. There’s some nice reconstructions of some of the accommodation in ‘Tunnel Town’ and the small museum has displays of toys, clothes and all sorts of other things from the war years.

Opening 1st August:
Pre-booked visits only
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Marina Esplanade, Ramsgate, CT11 8FH

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