Slough Fort joins Wheels of Time in April 2022

Slough Fort, is a Victorian Fort in Allhallows, built to defend the Thames against a potential French invasion during the mid-19th century.

Children will experience fun and exciting interactive activities as well as awesome educational activities, where they will have the chance to be transported back into the 19th and 20th centuries and find out about what life was like in one of the hardest times in British history.

Our museum is full of interesting stories and fascinating facts and our activities are designed for Key Stage 1, 2, 3 and 4. Our mascot, Feo the fighter, will lead the children to find the answers for the activities

In Slough Fort children become the hero of their own adventure as they discover how to live, work and fight in a real-life fort and they can dress up as Great War soldiers. They will take a trip back into the Victorian era, World War one and World War two, where they will learn how to set off a siren to warn the garrison of the enemies approach, how to put out a fire using a Stirrup pump and how to operate the range finder, which tells you an exact distance to targets located in the Thames Estuary.

  • Hours:,
    • 13th March to 30th October,
      Wednesday and Sunday, 11am or 3pm
      (please refer to website for dates, times and booking)
  • Cost:
    • Adult £ 5.39
    • Accompanied Children, 5 – 16, years £3.23
    • Children under 5, free
    • Cost includes booking fee

The Brimp, Allhallows, ME3 9QF

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