Folkestone Museum

Folkestone Museum joins Wheels of Time on 1st April

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Located in Folkestone Town Hall in the heart of the town centre, Folkestone Museum takes you on a journey through the history of Folkestone, from its origins as a humble coastal community, through to its heyday as a fashionable seaside resort and beyond.

The museum’s themed display areas each contain interactives that touch on the key aspects. The  Museum’s frontline displays encourage children to explore communication through Morse code and ciphers, while Fashionable Folkestone (Victorians) encourage exploration through seaside style mechanical photo viewing machines and dressing up. Samuel Plimsoll’s line to show when ships are loaded correctly is explored interactively in the Maritime area.

Folkestone older history is explored on the lower ground floor, looking at the bronze, Iron and Roman ages, as well as Anglo-Saxon; these are through digital interactives as well as the Rome Era game ‘Nine men’s Morris’. There is also a small children’s library and drawing station for younger visitors. The displays are also complimented by a free children’s guide/activity book.

Opening 6th August 2020: Refer to website for details

Town Hall, 1-2 Guildhall Street, Folkestone, CT20 1DY

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