Monitoring data (Excel)

This page gives instructions for using the Excel version of the monitoring data spreadsheet. If you do not have Excel (Microsoft Office) installed on your computer you can use the ods version of the spreadsheet for which separate instructions are provided.

Note: images used on this page are of the 2020 Excel Workbook using Excel 2019. There are minor differences to the 2019 Workbook. Earlier versions of Excel have a different appearance but the command are in the same locations.

Ensure the correct Visitor Information Sheet is being used at your site:

  • WoTTracking2019, dated 15 March 2019,
    until 31 March 2020
  • WoTTracking2020 , dated 10 February 2020,
    from 1 April 2020 to March 2021
    This has a notice at the top of the data sheet giving the date range for which it is valid.

Download and use the correct spreadsheet:

All data is entered onto the ‘Data’ sheet.

Excel data sheet

Data should be transcribed monthly.

Supplies data

Supplies data is required to monitor your supplies throughout the year and for us to calculate your supplies for the following year.

The number of badges and lanyards you have must be entered in the cells at the top right of the Data Worksheet from the start of the year and at the end of each month.

  • For sites that have been entering supplies data through 2019 the first entry for 2020 (31/03/2020) will be the last entry on the 2019 sheet plus any new supplies in March 2020.
  • For new sites this will be the first entry will be the quantity supplied.
  • Sites that have not been logging the information will need to count supplies on 31 March.

It is advisable to keep a back stock of known quantity with only the number needed for one month available to front of house staff/volunteers. This will avoid the need to count the whole stock every month.

Badges weigh about 1.82 g each. It is acceptable to enter weight/1.82.

If you are getting low on supplies contact us on the generic WoT email address in good time, i.e when you still have two months supply.

Visitor data

Transcribe visitor data onto the main part of the sheet.

The cells on the sheet are protected so that data of the incorrect format cannot be entered, however this does not stop incorrectly formatted data being copied and pasted so do not copy data from other documents and do not copy data from one column to another.

Enter all data for the whole year (April to March) onto one sheet. Leave a blank row each time you submit data so that the person copying data can easily identify the start of the new data.

With the exception of ‘Site’ and ‘Date’ leave cells blank if the information is not provided.

If data is entered correctly, statistics can be obtained from the ‘ChartCalcs’ Sheet and charts from the ‘Charts’ Sheet.

Do not enter more data than is required in Columns E, F or G. The data has been carefully selected to ensure that no GDPR requirements are breached.

Data should be entered as follows:

Column A
Select the name of your site from the drop down list. When this has been entered once it can be copied into other cells in the same column .
Please enter the your site name in column A in all rows which have data.
Column B
Enter the date of the visit in the dd/mm/yyyy format. This information must always be completed. If the date is not entered on the form enter the latest date that it could have been
Column C
No. of sites visited
Enter the total number of sites visited. If your site is the first site this will be 1. If yours is not the first site it will be 2 or greater (enter 2 if the form is completed incorrectly.
Column D
First Site from which badge was collected
Use the drop down list to select the first site visited from the codes on the sheet. If there are a series of children whose first site is the same this value can be copied from the first cell and pasted into the others. DO NOT copy from column 1 (Site) into this column. Where the information entered on the form is ambiguous make an intelligent guess as to which site the child visited.
Column E
Enter only the first half of the postcode
Column F
Child’s Age
Enter the child’s age in whole years
Column G
Child’s First Name
Enter only the child’s forename
Column H
Week No.
Do not type anything in this column, doing so will cause errors in the charts.

Editing data

Do not add or delete cells or groups of cells to the Worksheet.
Do not enter any data below the double blue line.

Deleting data

If you make a mistake delete the content of the cells concerned by selecting the cells concerned and

  • hitting the delete button on your keyboard or
  • selecting Clear in the Edit section of the ribbon menu Home tab and ‘Clear Contents‘.
Adding rows

If you fill the data table add rows using the following procedure:

Select any cell in the bar at the bottom of the table

Add row bar
Excel Insert Sheet Rows menu command

Select Insert in the Cells section of the ribbon menu Home tab and ‘Insert Sheet Rows

Data Submission

Submit your data by attaching to an email to the correct email address.
This is given on emails sent to you. We do not publish email addresses on the website as it would attract spammers.

If you have any difficulties contact us using the general WoT email address or that the data is sent to.