Volunteer Project Support Officer(s)

The Core Group (management committee) of the Wheels of Time Scheme is seeking a volunteer or volunteers to assist in the running of the Scheme.

Wheels of Time

Wheels of Time is a badge collecting scheme encouraging the exploration of 40 Kent heritage sites for 5-11 year olds.

The 40 members range from very small to medium sized museums and heritage sites, the majority are charities, many volunteer run, together with some local authority run sites.

The Roles

The roles to be filled are:

Meetings Officer

  • assist the organisation of General Meetings and Core Group Meetings including issue of invitations and agenda,
  • assist the organisation of a Scheme event,
  • minute taking at Core Group and General Meetings,
  • issue of minutes to the Core Group, for review, and to the full membership,
Time commitment:

The Core Group generally meet four times per year, in February, June, September and November. Typically each meeting requires

  • c. 2 h for preparation and issue of the agenda
  • c. 3 h meeting attendance plus 2 h travel
  • c. 3 h preparation and issue of notes

General Meetings are normally held annually in January and will require:

  • c. 3 h for preparation and issue of the agenda
  • c. 3 h receipt and logging of attendance responses
  • c. 4 h meeting plus 2 h travel
  • c. 2 h preparation and issue of notes

The Scheme launch event usually takes place in March and requires:

  • c. 4 h issue of invitations and receipt and logging of responses
  • attendance will be optional but the event lasts c. 3h plus 2h travel

The total estimated commitment is c. 61 h per year

Award Scheme Officer

  • receiving and logging award requests on a spreadsheet,
  • printing ward badge blanks and certificates (using software we will pay for you to install on your computer),
  • making award badges (using a machine we will provide)
  • posting the awards to the relevant contact at the sites at which they are to be presented,
  • emailing recipient sites and tracking receipt and presentation of awards,
  • issuing award data summary.
Time commitment:

Typically 12 awards requests might be received weekly during the peak summer season. Preparing artwork, making the badges and packaging them for posting takes up to 2 hours. Badges then need to be posted.
During winter months the number of requests falls to 1 or 2 per fortnight which can be made and packaged within an hour.

The total estimated commitment is c. 65 h per year

Membership Officer

  • maintenance of the Scheme member contacts list,
  • issue of member contribution and other invoices
  • preparation and distribution of member news emails,
  • request and collation of information from new sites
Time commitment:

This activity requires c. 2 h per month generally with increased activity, registering new sites and updating information for existing sites during the period from October to February requiring an additional 4 h hours per
The total estimated commitment is
c. 44 h per year.

Monitoring Data Officer

  • collation of the scheme monitoring data from all members to a single spreadsheet,
  • issue monitoring data summary.
Time commitment:

Monitoring data is sent by sites monthly and takes c. 3 hours to copy into a spreadsheet.

The total estimated commitment is c. 36 h per year

Candidate profile

Volunteers to undertake these tasks will:

  • own and be willing to use a computer for undertaking the allocated tasks at home
  • communicate by email with the Core Group and other members
  • be competent in the use of office software including word processing and spreadsheet (Microsoft Office is preferred but software using Open Document Format is acceptable)
  • be self-motivated

In addition the volunteer responsible for meetings administration will:

  • have previous experience of taking minutes
  • have good listening and synthesis skills


The only expenses that it is envisaged volunteers will incur are:

  • the meetings administration which will require attendance at Scheme meetings held at member sites across Kent, some of which are in rural locations. Between five and seven meetings are held each year together with one additional promotional event. The successful volunteer will need to arrange their own transport to these meetings. Reasonable travel expenses will be paid.
  • awards scheme administration will require awards to be posted via royal mail, first class, large letter post. Postage costs will be paid.


Wheels of Time aims to encourage diversity amongst its volunteers to ensure that they are representative of all sections of society and communities in Kent and Medway and welcomes expressions of interest from any member of the communities who believes that they can fulfil the role, regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, responsibilities for dependants, age, physical/mental disability or offending background (as long as this does not pose risk to children, young people, or vulnerable adults).

For more information about the roles and to express an interest please contact us