The Wheels of Time (the Scheme) is a partnership of museums and heritage sites in Kent developed to promote education in history and heritage among young children by running a scheme to encourage children, between the ages of 5 and 11, to visit member sites by offering badges as an incentive to visit multiple sites and through joint promotional activities.

Wheels of Time respects your right to privacy and undertakes to keep personal data you share with us. We aim to be clear when we collect your data and only use what you would reasonably expect.

Personal data we collect

Visitor Records

We collect data about children participating in the Scheme. This data does not contain sufficient information to identify individual children but when aggregated with Award Recipient Data may be used to check sites visited by individual children.

Award Recipient Records

We collect personally identifiable data of children and their parents or guardians to enable us to manage our award scheme.

Member Records

We collect details of member organisations and the individuals who are responsible for operating the scheme within those organisations.


We may, after obtaining specific consent from the adults accompanying them, take photographs of children participating in the scheme.

What we do with the data

We use the data to

  • Assess the operation and viability of the scheme and measures that might be introduced to improve it,
  • Produce award badges and contact parents/guardians to arrange presentation of the awards,
  • Check the entitlement of children to receive an award claimed on their behalf
  • Promote the Scheme and its members and
  • Maintain membership records and contact organisations about the Scheme.

Sharing Data

Unless specific consent is given, no personally identifiable data is shared with any third party who is not a member, or does not represent a member, of the Scheme.

Statistics derived from the data not containing any personally identifiable information is used to promote the scheme and to report to our sponsors and participating sites.


The Scheme and its members engage with various forms of media to broadcast news about and to promote the Scheme and its members. We will obtain consent from the person, or the parent or guardian of a child before including any personal details or photographs a living person in any publication, whether distributed in printed copy or via electronic media.

We may share photographs via printed and online publicity, social media, press releases and  in funding applications to the extent to which specific consent is given.

We may also share photographs and accompanying information posted on social media by parents or guardians relating to their children’s participation in the Scheme. We can only do so if the original post is made publically available.

Storage of Data

Data is stored securely electronically. Access is restricted to members of the Scheme. Photos will remain on the website whilst still relevant to the scheme. Contact details will be disposed of both electronically and any hard copies in a secure manner, within 2 years of collection.

Our website

The website may use cookies to enhance your browsing experience. We do not collect or use the data contained in cookies.

Our web host provides us with anonymous statistical data about those visiting our website. To provide this data they capture data, including the IP Address of individual visitors to our website and record the pages visited by each visitor.

Contact us about personal data

If you have concerns about or wish to confirm what data we keep about you,

Write to:

Wheels of Time
c/o Ashford Borough Museum Society

18 Church Yard
TN23 1QG

We will:

  • confirm whether any personal data about you is being processed
  • give you a description of the data the reasons it is processed and who it is shared with
  • tell you how we obtained the data