Below are the answers to some of the questions we are asked about Wheels of Time:

What is Wheels of Time?

Wheels of Time is a badge collecting scheme encouraging the exploration of 40 (48 from 1st April 2020) Kent heritage sites for 5-11 year olds.

How can my child collect Wheels of Time badges?

Visit any of the museums or heritage sites listed in Roamin’ Rex’s Planner

My child is not yet 5 years old; can they take part?

The staff and volunteers at sites can use discretion for children who are younger than 5 or older than 11, particularly for

  • siblings of children who are between 5 and 11 and
  • children who turn 12 years after they have started their collection.

We do expect younger children receiving badges to have an appreciation of the exhibits and displays at the museums and heritage sites visited.

For how long will Wheels of Time run?

The scheme will continue until about March 2021.

It is our intention to run the scheme again in 2021, but this depends on  whether we can raise the necessary funding. We’ll publish more information when a decision has been made in January 2021.

Why do I have to give information about my child?

We do not insist on you providing information, but the information collected on our Visitor Information Form helps us to monitor how well the Wheels of Time scheme is working and how we might improve it. The data collected cannot be used to identify individual children. See our Privacy page for more information.

From where can I get a lanyard to pin the badges to?

You can collect a lanyard at the second Wheels of Time site your child visits; you will need to show the badge from the first site visited.

How can my child get an Award Badge?

Roamin’ Rex Bronze and Silver and Gold Awards

When your child has collected 10, 20 or 30 badges please complete our Award Badge Details Form. We will contact the Wheels of Time site where you have requested it is presented. We will then make your child’s personalised Bronze, Silver or Gold Award Badge.

Read our note for parents of children from outside of Kent and Medway who qualify for an award.

We will normally respond to your request within five days. It can take up to two weeks from your request being submitted to the award being received by the site at which it is to be presented. Staff at the site will then contact you to arrange a date and time for the presentation.

If you do not hear from the site within four weeks of your request, please contact us by replying to the acknowledgement email that you receive when requesting the award.

Wheels of Time 2021 Award

Children who visit all 48 of the sites on the Roamin’ Rex 2020/21 map before the end of March 2022 will be earn a Wheels of Time 2021 Award. Children must have visited 47 sites before the 2021 Award is requested. It can be presented at the 48th site.

Badges collected during the 2016, 2017 and 2018 Schemes count toward awards presented during 2019, but children must collect badges from all 40 of the 2019 sites to earn the 2019 Award. Similarly Badges collected during the 2016 to 2020 Schemes count toward awards presented during 2021, but children must collect badges from all 48 of the 2021 sites to earn the 2021 Award

Can you replace lost badges?

We do not keep a central supply of badges for all of our sites. The cost of postage and the time that that it would take our volunteers to obtain badges prohibits us from replacing lost badges.

To obtain replacement badges you will need to visit the individual sites.

How can my child earn Children’s University Learning Credits at Wheels of Time sites?

Children registered with Children’s University (CU) can earn learning credits at over 20 Wheels of Time, Kent Children’s University (KCU) Learning Destinations (marked with a CU logo on Roamin’ Rex’s planner). Children must do the activity listed on the site’s page (click on site name to right) associated with Wheels of Time to earn Credits for receiving a Wheels of Time badge.

Children can earn credits at all Wheels of Time sites during the KCU Spring and Summer Challenges.

Children older than 11 can earn Learning Credits for activities accredited for their age at Wheels of Time Learning Destinations but will not receive a Wheels of Time badge.

If your child is not registered with Children’s University, information about joining can be found on the KCU website.

Can other museums and heritage sites join Wheels of Time?

Wheels of Time runs for approximately 12 months starting in April and ending about March. Supplies are purchased before the beginning of each 12 month period so new sites cannot be introduced during that period.

We have started our search for new sites for 2022. Managers of museums and heritage sites, located in in the areas served by Kent County Council or Medway Council, that may be interested in joining Wheels of Time, should use our Contact Form to enquire about the scheme.