Wheels of Time 2021 Award launched

Wheels of Time 2021 Award

All of the Wheels of Time sites that joined the Scheme in 2020 have now opened, so we are able to announce the launch of the Wheels of Time 2021 Award for heritage explorers who have visited all 48 sites on Roamin’ Rex’s 2020/21 Map.

As with all Awards, badges collected during previous years count toward the Wheels of Time 2021 Award. There is a separate ranking system for E-badges so they do not count toward awards.

Parents can request the Wheels of Time 2021 Award on our Award Details Form

Heritage explorers that haven’t visited all 48 sites yet can earn

  • the Roamin’ Rex Bronze Award for visiting 10 sites,
  • the Roamin’ Rex Silver Award for visiting 20 and
  • Roamin’ Rex Gold Award for visiting 30.