Sites re-opening

Some Wheels of Time sites are announcing their intention to re-open after the UK Government confirms the next stage of its recovery plan.

The great majority of sites have told us that if they re-open it will be for reduced hours. For many sites the opening hours are likely to change as recovery progresses. Please check directly the websites and, where they have them, social media accounts of museums and heritage sites before leaving home. We will not be able to maintain details of opening times on the Wheels of Time website.

The number of visitors that most sites will be able to accommodate will be reduced.

Most sites will be relying on a smaller number of volunteers or staff which could result in sites being unable to open unexpectedly if a member of staff falls ill.

The following sites have announced opening dates, these are dependent on there being no changes to Government plans:

Lashenden Air Warfare Museum: 4th July 2020

Maidstone Museum: 14th July 2020