Roamin’ Rex visits Lydd Town Museum

#RoaminRex has visited site No. 30 on his map, Lydd Town Museum, in the original 1890 building that housed and still houses the restored horse drawn Merryweather manual fire engine and has five display rooms.

The system to call the firemen to the station as used in the 1920s can be operated. Ring the bell to wake everyone!

Another room is home to old toys, books & dolls, ALL of which can be played with, as long as you are careful.

Go through the kitchen parlour area into the back room to see the restored horse drawn bus transport from railway station to army camp, landau carriage still used to carry the “Queen” on Lydd Club Day and unique wide wheeled horse-drawn beach cart used on Dungeness shingle. Also Lyddite chick hatchery wall and exhibition of local farming implements.

Visit our Lydd Town Museum page for more details.