Roamin’ Rex visits Lydd Town Museum

#RoaminRex has visited site No. 30 on his map, Lydd Town Museum, in the original 1890 building that housed and still houses the restored horse drawn Merryweather manual fire engine and has five display rooms.

The system to call the firemen to the station as used in the 1920s can be operated. Ring the bell to wake everyone!

Another room is home to old toys, books & dolls, ALL of which can be played with, as long as you are careful.

Go through the kitchen parlour area into the back room to see the restored horse drawn bus transport from railway station to army camp, landau carriage still used to carry the “Queen” on Lydd Club Day and unique wide wheeled horse-drawn beach cart used on Dungeness shingle. Also Lyddite chick hatchery wall and exhibition of local farming implements.

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Roamin’ Rex visits Dover Transport Museun

#RoaminRex has visited site No. 39 on his map, Dover Transport Museum, the only museum of its kind in Kent.

He found memories of old Dover, many forms of vintage transport and old shop fronts full of things that were familiar to the grandparents and great grandparents of our heritage explorers. With a cafe and a warm welcome for children, who can enjoy a large, visitor-operated model railway and a “taxi & bus hunt”, a visit to the museum makes a memorable family day out.

Two large exhibition halls house recreated street scenes of old Dover that will stir the memories of many older visitors and give younger ones a glimpse of how things used to be.

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Roamin’ Rex visits Rochester Guildhall.

Rex at Guildhall

#RoaminRex’s latest visit was Site No 4 on his map, Guildhall Museum Rochester, a lively and colourful treasure trove of Medway’s history, housed in the town of Rochester’s magnificent 17th century Guildhall building. The Museum is home to thousands of objects that illustrate the history of Medway – its river, its people, and its development through time.

The museum’s wheelchair-accessible entrance gallery contains a small shop selling souvenirs items, a reception desk, and an attractive introductory exhibition highlighting the role that the River Medway has played in shaping the environmental and human history of Medway.
All visitors (including those with mobility difficulties, and wheelchair users) can access electronic media in the gallery which enables them to view short films highlighting key features of the museum displays.

Highlights of the displays include a full-size reconstruction of part of a Medway prison hulk, archaeological objects that visitors can touch, civic silver and regalia from Medway’s past, the most complete set of 18th-century cabinet maker’s tools in the world, a large selection of paintings and prints of the area and the Rochester “Riverside Eye” camera interactive.

Guildhall Museum is a Kent Children’s University Learning Destination.

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Roamin’ Rex visits Blue Town Heritage Centre

Site No. 14 on his map was #RoaminRex’s next visit. Criterion Blue Town, is on the site of 2 earlier establishments. Originally the “New Inn” in 1868 the site became “The Royal Oxford Music Hall”. The following year the building, which is situated a few doors down from the court house, became The Criterion public house, with a music hall called ‘The Palace of Varieties’ situated immediately to its rear. This offered “rational amusement for all classes” including in April 1876, a one armed juggler!

The heritage centre itself is jam packed with items, memorabilia and artefacts through which you can become absorbed all of the amazing feats of history the Isle of Sheppey was responsible for.

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Roamin Rex takes tour of Medway Queen

#RoaminRex took a guided tour of the Medway Queen and learnt how she, although built for pleasure cruises, played a vital role in British defence and the rescue of approximately 7000 allied troops from the Dunkirk beaches during WW2 and, as recently as 1960s, became the go-to-place for parties and weddings on the Isle of Wight.

The tour started in the visitor center and took in the workshop, where he saw the current renovation, rebuild and restoration work undertaken by The Medway Queen Preservation Society volunteers during the week, and the Medway Queen herself.

While on board ship, as well as seeing fixture & fitting installation progress, stories from past crew members, rescued soldiers, day-trip passengers and restaurant staff were retold by tour guides bringing the evocative surroundings to life.

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Roamin’ Rex learns about life on the home front during WWII

Old Forge WoT Badge

#RoaminRex stepped back in Time and experienced life on the Home Front of World War II at Site No. 21 on his map, The ‘Old Forge’ Wartime House.
Experienced re-enactors helped to teach him about Rationing, Make do and Mend, Evacuation and The Blitz, Digging for Victory, the duties of the ARP Warden and all aspects of life in war torn Britain. The museum aims to bring history to life in an unique, interesting and interactive way while keeping the experience as factual and authentic as possible.

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Roamin’ Rex visits Elham Valley Railway Museum

#RoaminRex was transported back to a 1930’s railway station as it would have been on the Elham Valley Line at Site No. 32 on his map, the Elham Valley Line Trust Railway Museum.

He wandered round the station building, looked at the historical local and railway memorabilia and watched the model train sweep along the Elham Valley from Canterbury to Folkestone.
In the replica signal box he pulled the levers to operate the signals and stood on the footplate of their loco. as well as marvelling at the magnificence of the working, scale model of the Eurotunnel terminal at Cheriton.

Elham Valley Railway Museum is a Kent Children’s University Learning Destination

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Roaming ‘ Rex at Union Mill

Rex on Millers staging

Roamin’Rex has visited Site 12 on his map, Union Mill, Cranbrook

Often referred to as the “Finest Windmill in the Country”, standing 22metres tall and with 4 huge “Sweeps” (Sails). The Mill sitting on “The Hill” above the wonderful Medieval Market Town of Cranbrook.

He found a lot more than the view from outside.

He climbed the 7 flights of stairs and learn how windmills work, and how they have been generating energy for over 1,000 years. Collect an Achievement Certificate on reaching the top floor.

The upper 3 floors house the wind powered milling machinery, showing the process from the arrival of the harvested grain to the production of flour and other milled products. The lower floors hold exhibitions and displays, and there are opportunities for CHILDREN to mill Flour using traditional methods. Volunteers will be happy to help with any questions that you may have. Pick up one of our CHILDREN’S quizzes on your way in and see how well you can do.

At the rear of the windmill stands the Russel Building which houses the Miller’s Workshop and an electric mill, for those days when the windmill cannot be worked. Purchase a bag of flour to take home and try your hand at baking a loaf of bread.

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Roamin’ Rex visits Rose Street Cottage

#RoaminRex has visited the intimate and intriguing space that is Rose St Cottage of Curiosities experiencing vibrant Arts events and workshops in a cottage atmosphere.

Rose Street Cottage and its two neighbouring properties are the only remaining homes of a number that were built for Sheerness Dockyard workers in the 18th and 19th centuries – often using timber “Chips” from the docks. They are weather boarded, roofed with Welsh slate and are Grade II listed.

One-time home to the Kicks shipwright family, the Cottage has been a furniture shop and Curd’s Wet and Dry Fish’n’Chip shop. It is dressed with objects brought by locals over many years to evoke the Island’s quirky stories.

On Saturdays in summer, you can treat yourself (and friend) to a delicious cream tea in our Cottage Garden. We feel your visit will conjure some vivid memories and you will leave having absorbed something of Sheppey’s rich history.

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